Juniors Program

This program provides childcare before and after school for  Kindergarten and Grade 1 children.   Kindergarten children are picked up and dropped off to and from classes at Trafalgar Elementary by the daycare staff throughout the year. Grade 1 children simply walk to the daycare.   

This program aims to teach integration skills for young children entering the school system and develop their social skills.  Juniors enjoy an outdoor playground and a dedicated area within our centre.  

Children are involved in a variety of activities such as art, crafts, games, story time.  They bake with staff every week and have an opportunity to learn about special seasonal events, through stories and creative projects. Some activities have been adjusted to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions.  

Achievers Program

The Achievers are students in Grades 2 and 3. This group offers a variety of dynamic and fun activities for your children. Children can join a variety of different clubs or activities throughout the year such as knitting club, skating, swimming or our regular dodgeball in the school gym.

In addition, we organize a variety of field trips to local parks as well as an abundance of amazing arts and crafts to keep this energetic group busy.  Some activities have been adjusted to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions.

Leaders Program

The Leaders program is for children in Grades 4-7.  As they are getting older, children engage in activities that promote process based learning and develop higher level social skills that prepare them for broader life experiences.


Kids in this program enjoy a separate area of our centre. The program includes team building games, interactive board games, arts, crafts and special activities which are pre-planned.

Children will also bake once a week and use the school activity room for dodge ball and other physical games. Some activities have been adjusted to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions.

Schedules & Prices

You can sign up for AM, PM, AM & PM program for a specific number of days per week.  We also accept drop-ins subject to availability of licensed spots / teachers.  The following are monthly fees for September 2020 through June 21:

As of September 2020, each family needs to commit to their schedule for 3 months:

  • September – December 2020

  •  January – March 2021

  • April – June 2021


Changes can only be made at the end of each term. If you wish to add days, you can do them as drop-in days, if there is space.